October 11th, 2012

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic. One of the largest cities in Czech Republic, Prague is also called by other names like ‘the mother of cities’, ‘city of hundred spires’ or ‘the golden city’ in Czech Republic today. This city is situated on the banks of the river Vltava in Bohemia. Holy Roman Empire once marked its tradition in Prague in ancient history. For more than 1000 years, Prague served as the center for cultural and economic diversity for the Czech Republic.
Prague was included in the list of the world’s topmost heritage sites in 1992, thanks to the UNESCO, which then started becoming popular as the tourist and travel destinations in the world today. Few of the most popular and high rated tourist spots in Prague are described in the following:

• Bethelem Chapel remains one of the oldest holy places visited by many people during the year in Prague. Founded in 1391, this place holds many church services in the language of the Czechs. Today it also hosts many classic and cultural concerts.

• Charles Bridge has become one of the must-see tourist spot in Prague. One can see the beautiful view of the ancient Prague Castle, on the banks of the Vltava River, by taking a stroll on the Charles Bridge. The pleasant weather and other riverside attractions give the tourists an unforgettable journey in Prague.

• There is a tallest building in Prague that can be seen from any part of the city. It is believed to be the most powerful Gothic Church in Prague today. It is called the ‘Church of the Lady Before Tyn’ and still remains as the tourists’ hot favorite when visiting Prague.

Prague also holds its own unique position in the field of entertainment and culture where it attracts thousands of tourists every year to the famous museums and theaters. Czech Museum of Music is one of those museums which houses more than 700,000 items and documents the history of music. Many classical music concerts will be held every year in this museum. Estates Theater is another popular historic theater in Europe. This theater boasts of holding the first opera of ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ and also few of the very popular concerts performed by Mosart. Dancing House is another popular structure, remarkably known for its design and architecture, constructed alongside the river gives a striking pose to the tourists who visit the banks of river Vltava in Prague.

There are many other popular and most well-known museums and concert halls in Prague. The Jewish Museum, Klementinum, Mucha Museum, National Museum and the National Theater are few of the tourist attractions that stand apart in their own unique way. Prague also has the largest sea world in Czech Republic that provides beautiful and scenic views to the people who visit Prague and uses Birmingham Airport Parking. Many different beautiful species of fish, sharks, eels and other coral reefs can be observed in this large sea-world in Prague.

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September 25th, 2012

Prague is one of the most beautiful city that you should visit if you’re going to the Czech republic.

It is suggested that you should spend at least 4 days to check out most of the attractive places in this city. And the most interesting part is, most of the best places are within walking distance from your holiday accommodation in Prague.

Some of the nice architecture structure that you should check out includes the Prague castle and Astronomical Clock.

But make sure you bring along the most updated map of Prague to make sure you do not lose your direction.

September 20th, 2012

If you are planning to visit Prague and want to experience everything from immersing into a rich culture with an epic history or just have fun and chill out, then you need to know certain facts about Prague.

1. Tourist Information

If you are a tourist in Prague and would want to know the different tourist spots, attractions, or museums you can visit two of Prague’s Main tourist information offices: Old Town Hall and Rytírská 31. Most of the popular destination are close to airports, so you might want to book your tickets early to enjoy cheap tickets.

2. Weather

The weather in Prague does come in variation since it is situated in Central Europe. When it’s spring the weather is warm and fairly dry, summer is quite hot and sunny, as for autumn weather is cool and most often sunny and in winter season it’s cold and at times with snow.

If you want to be playing underneath the sun and take a dip into the beautiful rivers of Prague, then it would be best to pay visit in this lovely town during June or July where the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius.

If you love to visit Prague on a cold season, the best time to visit is during December or January when the temperature is about -5 degrees Celsius.

3. Money, Money, Money

If you fancy shopping or paying restaurants in cold cash, then you need to bring with you Czech Crown which the currency of Prague and a couple of notes in Euros.

Most of the big restaurants, shops and hotels in Prague do accept Euros. But the rest they only accept Czech Crown.

Czech notes come in dominations of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 5,000. If you want your money to be converted into Czech Crown notes, the best way to do it is go to the nearest ATM. Most of these machines accept cards that are backed by Maestro, American Express, Mastercard or EuroCard and Visa.

You can also go to Exchange Bureau de Change which is located near the Old Town Square. They offer the best rates especially for business and tourist currency exchange.

As for credit cards, they are accepted mostly in international shops, expensive restaurants and in hotels. However, when it comes to local and cheaper restaurants they do not accept credit cards.

4. Public Transportation

When it comes to public transportation, Prague has a variety to choose from. You can ride the bus, train, tram or the metro. It’s the cheapest way to get by and travel around the town.

5. Medical Assistance

If you are seeking for a doctor, there will always be one readily available to serve you 24 hours a day. You can find one at Doctor Prague Health Centre.

Having a headache and want to buy an aspirin at 12:00 midnight? You can, just go either to Palackeho 5 or Belgicka 37. The pharmacies around these areas are open 24 hours a day.

Now, you have the basic facts about Prague, and then you can start packing up and book for the next flight! You will have the grandest and coolest holiday vacation ever in Central Europe. Whether it’s on a sunny weekend or a winter holiday, Prague has a lot to offer for every tourist, traveler and locals alike.